Welcome Back?

Hey! I know I been gone for like centuries but i'll be back sooner or later. Right now im trying to take care of things and get everything straight so im not gonna be blogging anytime soon. Im just leaving this to sort of "check in"! Remember to not give up on us and tell your friends! We'll be be back sooner than you can say YO DAILY DOSE! So don't trip.

Much Love


New Video

NeYo Ft. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous- She Got Her Own

I LOVE this song.


Baby Comedy

New Video Post

THIS ISHH MY ISHH! I love this old song so much. "I dont wanna loose this relationship..." reminds me of so much in life... Except Im on a F*** N****s Get Money movement right now. So this song isnt much help.

Pac Div- Taste
Pacific Division aka PacDiv is thee HOTTEST CALI GROUP OUT RIGHT NOW!

Yeezy Before Arrest

WSHH says that yeezy was in the grey hoodie. But I was confused the whole time I watched it... You be the judge.

Im Baaackkkk!

Watch a man slap this lady!


Yeezy.... Uhhhhhh?

Was that about to be exclusive?