Pushed Back Albums

Why is the record industry so shiesty?

For instance, Lil Mama. Her song, "Lipgloss" was put out a year ago, and her album is just now coming out. This is why the music industry is failing. Don't push back an artist's album if they have a hit song, no matter how gimmicky it is! That just makes people forget about the artist. This should be the the order of operations:
1. An Artist Writes a hit song that they are on. Featured artists are a luxury. If you need a featured artist get the most popular ones(i.e. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Chris Brown, etc.)
2. Put out a video to that song 2 weeks after it establishes itself on the Billboard Top 100. No matter if its number 93 or 1.
3. Put out your album about a month after the video is released and is on a video countdown or two. Create a few remixes and leak them onto the internet(accidently of course) to keep your song hot and fresh in people's minds.

I guarantee that this will further an artist's credibility and career in the music business. If you fail at music, then go into something else mainstream like Fashion Designing, Producing, Writing Music, etc. Don't give up Artists!

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