Sean Bell Trial. Over?

[Nicole Bell, her mother and Al Sharpton. source]

"The fiancée of an unarmed man killed by police on his wedding day said "the justice system let me down" after the detectives were acquitted of all charges in his killing.

"April 25, 2008: They killed Sean all over again," Nicole Paultre Bell said Saturday to hundreds of people gathered at Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network offices. "That's what it felt like to us."

Her mother, Paultre Bell, said she was let down by the Queens judge's ruling Friday clearing the detectives in the shooting death of 23-year-old Sean Bell and wounding of his two friends." Finish reading here

It's utterly ridiculous that things like this are still happening in 2008. I mean forreal?! First of all, why did the police shoot 50 times (correct me if I'm wrong)? That was uncalled for. Even if they were firing back, that was uncalled for period, point, blank. Black people take one step forward (Barack) and get pushed twenty steps back. Unfair.

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