Around The Blogs We Go!

After years of entertainers complaining of no real music being produced, one of the best rap groups are emerging back into the music business. Read the full story at The Nu's Report

Wow. Ne-yo has a crush? Read the full report at Swagger Style

Even though this blog half-assed me, I'ma support them. At Street Anthem, there's a video of Wayne saying thank you to all the good people who didnt't limewire his latest creation. And to Brelaxedhomie: HAHAHAHA THAT'S WHY THE CELTICS WON WHOOOHOOOO!!! lol!

Over at Single in LA, they explore the wonders and maybe even downfalls of online dating. Read the entry by clicking here

Everybody know that's my, Budget Baybay. Find cheap shoes at Lolo's Cube now!

At You Better Recognize, they remind us that R. Kelly is not the only one.

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