Ice-T, Please STFU!

You old man. (I'ma try not to cuss in this post) What is your problem? Why would you start to apologize, then go on another rant? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?! No. Why are you beefin witta little kid? You look stupider than T-Pain ina top hat. Stick to what you know! You know acting. Stick to it. And, THE WEST COAST DON'T CARE! WE BOUNCE TO SOULJABOY'S MUSIC! Do we bounce to Ice-T's music? NO! What song have you made? Have you ever hit Platinum? Matter of face, have you ever hit gold? Also, why have your son tell Souljaboy to eat a **** at the end of the video? Isn't that contridicting everything you just started to say in the begining of the video? GROW UP! Souljaboy is more mature than you. He doesn't go around talkin about weak artists. [And there are some artist worse than him. I don't want to name any names...] Just fall back. Don't hate off the milli's homie.

I could just go on and on but forget it. It's useless. He doesn't deserve my time. He's garbage. Your setting your son up for failure by letting him speak to Souljaboy that way. He doesn't have any home training. Look at your... lemme just shutup...

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