If You Didn't See Them Already...

Watch the BET Performances OVER & OVER until you can't take it anymore.

Usher performs "Love In This Club"! [Instead of lip-syncing why don't they just dance? Makes no sense... SMH]

Young Jeezy & KanYeezzyy perform "Put On"!

Keyshia Cole!

Neyo performs "Closer"!

Alicia Keys & All the Oldschoolers!

Al Green!

Chris Brown performs "With You" then "Take You Down" with Ciara!

T-Pain & Everyone Else perform Everything!

Rihanna performs "Take A Bow"!

Nelly, JD & Ciara perform "Step'd On My J'z" & "Party People"!

T-Pain & Lil Wayne!

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