SOHH Was Spammed!

"Make sure all of your security and passowords are on point and don’t
mention 4chan.

Popular Hip-Hop news and editorial website SOHH.com was attacked
earlier this morning by the notorious hacking group known as anonymous
or simply 4chan. The details surrounding the cause of this attack is
sketchy at the moment, but it has also been reported that other rival
Hip-Hop sites such as World Star Hip-Hop, Dat Piff, and All Hip-Hop
were under siege by the hackers as well.

Was it an act of hate or random internet warfare? At first thought, it
may seem likely as rival message board sites do in fact spam and
attempt hacks on one another. But nothing seems to be on the scale of
the devastating attack SOHH.com’s forums received.

From the information we’ve gathered here at LvLselect.com, the attack
was coordinated by the hackers in retaliation due to the taunting from
several members in SOHH’s JBO (Just Buggin’ Out) forum, which is
designed for general discussion.

The attack begain with simple spamming and defacing of the website
with grotesque pictures and derogatory terms, assuming this was enough
for SOHH’s forums until members continued to provoke them."
[read the full story here]

I did notice alot of racist comments at Worldstar Hip-hop yesterday. And I also tried to go on allhiphop.com but I couldn't log in. Above the browser where you would usually see something like, "All Hip-Hop!", It said something different. I thought about it but thought maybe it's their hosting site? Guess I thought wrong.

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