So every now and then I will update all my readers with the progress of my site and give my thanks for being a subscriber!
I've been at this blogging thing for two months now, and I have many updates and subscribers and I wanna thank those who come back to my blog faithfully (if there's any of those yet, lol).
Also, if you want to become a part of the team, give news tips, or have a quiet comment, send me an email at: professoraknow@gmail.com. I check my email everyday and will respond asap.
Don't be afraid to comment! I'm trying to improve on my content and want to post about 10 posts a day. Which is around 300 posts a month. Its a big goal, but is very achievable!
Don't forget to refer me to your friends! Always at: yodailydose.blogspot.com!
I also want to thank my little circle of bloggers who support me and help me with so much! Those blogs are, Lolo's Cube, Single in LA, Street Anthem, Swagger Style, Swagger Style, The Nu's Report, Urban Music, and Word Izz!
Thank you sooo much everyone!

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