Usher: Here I Stand

I'M A WEEK LATE PEOPLE! But, I have to admit. Him getting married then having a child has got to be the best publicity stunt out there. LOL! Like foreal, look at the situation. It all was in a cycle! But my take on this album:

Track 1: Intro
Him singing a ballad that can be heard on MTV. Sounds crappy to me.

Track 2: Love In This Club
The lead single. Got old extremly quick. A great, controversial beat though! His vocals were great and Young Jeezy was good. I think it probably would've did better with Weezy. Way better. Instead of blowing up in a week it would've blew up in a day. LOL!

Track 3: This Ain't Sex
LOVE IT! babaay I can't wait to getcha up in my roooom. The beat is a kindof classic 70's funk beat. The vocals are incredible. Timing is great. Great song and should've definantly been his 2nd single, it would've been a great video.

Track 4: Trading Spaces
The production is craazy! I love it. It's kindof simple(the beat) but the vocals slide over the track like they should. Not a safe single, DO NOT MAKE THIS A SINGLE USHER!

Track 5: Moving Mountains
I remember I played this song and people had a weird reaction to it. I love the message and words but the beat and vocals are rocky.

Track 6: What's Your Name
I LOVE THIS SONG! Will.I.Am definantly brought it. The beat is a funky, UK sound. I love the hook: girl wassup, im goin crazy/ aye girl wassup would you be my lady/ yo girl wassup i wanna know who you are. HOT! 3rd singler Ursher!

Track 7: Prayer For You
An interlude with his son. Precious.

Track 8: Something Special
A Ballad. Not anything I'd like to listen to. It sounds like a Robin Thicke replica.

Track 9: Love You Gently
ON REPEAT! The beginning of the song is HOT! It gets straight to the point, which is what the song is about!

Track 10: Best Thing
Hate the production. Love the words. Features Jay-Z.

Track 11: Before I Met You
Don't like...

Track 12: His Mistakes
Great ballad. It reminds me of Brand New by Drake. Its talking about a past relationship that his girl is going through and for her to not treat his bad because of the past.

Track 13: Appetite

Track 14: What's A Man To Do

Track 15: Lifetime
A slow song... boring. Takes too long for the words to come. Its talking about a relationship of course.

Track 16: Love In This Club Part II
Love it. Its my ringtone. DON'T MAKE A VIDEO URSHER ITS PLAYED OUT HOMIE! Its a slow version of Love In This Club with Weezy & Beyonce.

Track 17: Here I Stand
Sound like a broadway musical song.

Overall: I'd give it a- /5 Stars
There were too many slow songs for my personal likings. But the best songs are: Love You Gently, This Ain't Sex, What's Your Name and Trading Places. It's definantly a quality album to purchase though.

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