Weezy Rhymes On 106

10 Questions About This Video:
1. Why was his freestyle wack?
2. Why does he always say he's a martian? Weezy you're not a weirdo!
3. Why is he such a nympho?
4. What was Rocsi whispering in his ear? It wasn't "this is a family show".
5. Why did he bring out the "Prostitue Flange" in his freestyle? Didn't the one DJ market that song? Why would he do that? He contridicts himself.
6. Where was his sizzurp?
7. The girl in the pink during the Prostitute Flange song was laughing not crying. Why was she the only one?
8. When does his freestyle end?
9. Is that a sparkly shirt with a short sleeved jacket? NOOOO!
10. When will he become humble?

I'm not a Weezy Basher. I'm just tired of his shananegians. I actually like his music. Not all that martian stuff, that's just plain boredom.

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