New Video: Out Here Grindin'

Check out Rick Ross' correctional officer swag in the first verse. I have a few questions for this video though.

1. Does plies ever get cold without his shirt?
2. Does plies own any shirts?
3. How come Dj Khaled & Akon didn't fall off the roof?
4. Gym Class Hero guy?
5. How come Ace Hood didn't fly outta that car?
6. Is Rick Ross gonna get video/photo shopped outta the video because he "isn't the streets"?

1 comment:

BIN WA The Counselor said...

Yeah why that clown koolaide i mean khalid didn't fall off that buildin somebody trip him up in mid sentence he be like YEAH WE THEEEEEE BEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSST SPLAT!!!!!