Turn Him Out "Dark Butts"

So right after his apology or whatever, some people decided to interview Young Berg. He continued to say he doesn't like dark women but he prefers Latinas & Light Skinned Women. He also mentions, "I'm looking for the right dark skin girl to turn me out..." I feel that statement was ridiculous & shouldn't have been said either. So, if a dark skinned woman turned you out, would you then publicly announce that you love "dark butts"? I think not. Don't lie to yourself Berg. You look pretty stupid already. And take that grill outta your mouth, please!

Now I want to know why couldn't he just say that on the radio before? Was it THAT hard?

I believe, the next time he's interviewed he shouldn't be asked about this situation because he will just continue to repeat himself and the black community will continue to be ANNOYED! Young Berg, just know you lost A LOT of fans.

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