Aaliyah ! r.i.p ; 1979 - 2001

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the death of r&b singer Aaliyah who was killed in a plane crash . I remember exatly what i was doing that day too ! I was at the movies with my mom watching Rush Hour & when we both came home , my brother told me that she was killed & i started crying . I was deeply sad at that moment . She was no-lie , my all time favorite . As in remembrance , here are some pictures of her . Me & Pro & EVERYONE else truly love her & miss her soooooooo much .

It's greazy that he didn't really love her because a few month after she passed , ol' dude was rolling around with some slues . Not a true gentleman if you ask me .

This picture makes me think to myself sometimes ...

I miss her so much . r.i.p aaliyah .

Images courtesy of moisdeadserious & google .

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Gaspra said...

I too miss Aaliyah!!!
Now that everyone talks about Michael Jackson, SHE was the true Angel, She is the one that I'm sure is in heaven.
I cannot listen "I miss you" the tribute version without crying.