Cassie is doing it big. We know Diddy-Daddy thinks so...

Here are more photos of Cassie from her Complex spread. The writer must have had been crackin funnies for days when he asked her if she’d ever sing the national anthem, not to mention he was staring at her pierced nipples during the entire interview [YUCK] Check out some excerpts:

Would you sing the national anthem at a sporting event?
Cassie: People used to give Ashanti a lot of sh*t, and I saw her do the national anthem and kill it. I was like, maybe that’s something that I need to do to show people—I was afraid of the microphone and the stage, but I’m not anymore. I would definitely do something like that

What’s the harshest thing that’s been said about you?
Cassie: “She’s f*cking for checks.” I don’t f*ck for checks—I’d rather live on the street.

But is your single “Official Girl” a marketing ploy to cash in on the rumor that you and Diddy are dating?
Cassie: Nope. It wasn’t planned. It was just a song I really loved that I heard. Nobody will ever know who “Official Girl” is about. They think it’s about certain people but it’s not. Anything that happens in my personal life is personal. I never actually put anything out there. Nobody’s really known who I’ve dated

So, are you somebody’s official girl?
Cassie: I might be. [Laughs.] I’m not in a relationship right now, but I’m 22. I’m dating people. I’m not one to be like, “I’m dating that guy and that guy.” I don’t want it to be about who I’m dating. I want people to take my career more seriously.

Was it super-painful when you got your nipples pierced?
Cassie: I don’t have any nipple piercings!

Um, yes you do.
Cassie: Can you really see them? [Laughs.] It’s not like I was trying to hide them. I wear T-shirts, so you’re going to see them. I think it’s sexy. I’m proud of them. I wasn’t expecting that [question]! No, it’s not too painful. It stings when it happens. It’s a really strange feeling. [Read More Here]

Pierced nipples? That’s something I’d expect from Ashlee Simpson. I guess everyone wants to find the bad girl in them nowadays... GOOD GIRL GONE BAD! Keep it pimpin though Cass. You got Diddy for heavens sake...



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