Chance is a hot mess ! ("We gon be smashing some Pumpkins tonight !")

Have you guys been watching "I Love Money" lately ? dannngggg ! The latest episode is where blahdeeblahdeeblahblah ... yeah . And then at the end , ol ' blonde girl has to vote off one of the team mates on the green squad . Now im saying in my head "She better vote that bitch Brandi C. or her other friend Megan (which i totally do not like) off the show . BUT ! Ol' dumbass here votes off chance ! And all hell (& laughter) break loose ! Chance & basically everyone is in shock 'cept Megan's plastic ass . Im sitting here dying after the fact that chance is here calling the girl some fowl ass names . ("You dirty ugly rat BIOTCH !" or "BIOTCH !") She's definitely gonna be next off ! haha . Oh man . Chance shoulda called White Boy earlier when they was out on the Power Outting to drown that damn pooch ! "I wanna see a dead pooch when i get home" . hahahahahahahahaha ! ,

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