Fashion Police: SOMEONE CALL 911; Repunzel's on the loose !

Damn ! It musta took 14 horses to kill just to put that weave in her hair ! And actually wear it ? Just when I thought people in 08' will wear anything with anything , I WAS RIGHT ! I mean damn , this ? This is about a b*tch ! I can't help myself but to laugh at this outfit as well as what others were wearing . But at least this woman didnt have to worry about her ears getting cold . LMFAO ! If her belt had a malfunction , it's all over for Repunzel here . She really attended Mz. Shyneka of Hot 107.9's bday party at Pure last night looking like this (You should see what the other lady wore. AYEYAIYAI !). She turned heads ... Weave covering twitties is just as worse as Yung Berg wiping his balls with that towel & throwing it in the crowd in the previous report . Damn !


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