Kanye - To - Da ..

ohk ohk ... Kanye has a new video out called "Champion" . I really like it because it basically pays a tribute to the Olympics going on right now . Since imma fan of the Olympics (I watch it till like 2 in the morning) I like the video . its something different than your average video but shoot ! He's Kanye ! He can do w/e he likes to do . i appreciate what he did . BUT ! The big red flag is that my computer ain't letting me post videos up at this moment . It seems imma have pro do it since she "KNOWS IT ALL" & she'll love the idea since she's a big kanye fan . So it wont be very long for you guys to wait for the video "Champion" to come up . I , indeed , am a VERY BIG fan of Kanyeezy myself so imma bug her till she finally gets it up there . Sorry for the wait . But please , continue to read WITH happiness .

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