Love Education 101.

Lemme find out LLoyd and Teyana Taylor was spotted being a lil too flirty at Lloyd’s “Lesson of Love” Album Release Party in New York last night? [Where was I at?] In an interview earlier this year, when Lloyd was asked what’s the hardest lesson he has learned in love he responded:

"Patience is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to learn in tryin’ to love a girl. Sometimes I encounter girls who want me to take my time. When you’re such a fast-paced, in the fast lane kinda guy, sometimes you don’t really take the time that’s necessary; you’re like, “I want it now! If you can’t give it to me now, well then…” And from that, then you end up losin’ a lot of great people. Last year, I made a song that was about a girl that I really care for, but I didn’t realize what I had until it was too late, and that song was called Player’s Prayer…"

Teyana better back up. Lloyd is too fine. I gotta keep my baby on a leash!


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