Right To Be Mad?

I guess Rev Run's daughter Angela is upset about him talking about her relationship with Bow Wow in his book. I seriously would've been angry too, but she needs to just drop it. Her father clearly says anything he wants to whenever he wants to. Is she even with Bow Wow anymore? Last time I checked she was with:

"I should also add that I shared my views on relationships with Bow Wow, because beyond his relationship with Angela, I wanted to make sure that he was on the right path, too. I didn’t want my daughter dating a rapper who I perceived as a ladies’ man, but the truth is I also love Bow Wow…Which is why before they broke up [Edit: Oh, clearly they broke up, lol. -Pro], I decided to have a little talk with him…
“Now, you know in this house, we don’t believe in premarital sex [I said]. So if you’re truly serious about Angela, and she’s truly serious about you, then we have very high expectations for how you two are going to act…So if you’re serious about Angela, then ask her to marry you and do this the right way. And if you’re not, then you two can go your separate ways and still be friends."


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